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Our progress

ESSP has produced Pride of Place, the Sustainable Community Strategy for East Sussex. There are a number of countywide thematic partnerships in East Sussex that have detailed plans to achieve the relevant themes of Pride of Place. Thematic partnerships monitor and report on the progress made in relation to their action plans. We manage the delivery of services, listen to the views of service users and take action if we are not achieving our targets. When thematic plans are reviewed and updated, Pride of Place is also updated – helping to ensure that Pride of Place continues to reflect the needs and aspirations of local people.

Individual organisations are responsible for managing and monitoring progress where their work contributes to targets set out in Pride of Place.

The Local Area Agreement (LAA), which ended in 2011, was one of a number of action plans aimed at delivering Pride of Place. During the three years that the LAA was in place, performance monitoring reports were produced four times a year and published on East Sussex in Figures.