Transport, Access and Communications

East Sussex has a limited strategic road and rail network which affects its links with the rest of the south east and affects the strength of our economy. Whilst good progress has been made in reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads, more still needs to be done. Community led bus schemes are improving but transport in rural areas remains a challenge. The condition of our roads is improving and we are taking a proactive approach to road maintenance.

Our priority is to improve sustainable travel choices and access to services and facilities within and between communities in the county.

Our key tasks are to:

  • Increase sustainable travel choices, improve public transport and reduce the need to travel by car.
  • Improve road safety and reduce congestion, minimise negative impacts on the environment and improve air quality.
  • Reduce the number of people of all ages who are socially excluded by improving access to jobs, education, learning, health and other services through affordable transport and technology related solutions including next generation broadband.
  • Improve the maintenance and management of our transport network.