High house prices and low average salaries make it difficult for many local people to buy homes in East Sussex. To keep up with demand, particularly for rental, we need to improve current housing availability and create more affordable homes. We also need to do more to prevent people becoming homeless and to support older people, people with learning disabilities and mental health concerns to live independently.

Our priority is to provide affordable, good quality and environmentally friendly homes and housing for all.

Our Key tasks are to:

  • Increase the supply of homes, and increase and diversify the supply of affordable homes, housing and tenures in all areas.
  • Develop high quality, modern and efficient health, social care and housing support services for older people.
  • Minimise homelessness, especially hidden and youth homelessness.
  • Improve the quality of existing homes and help bring empty homes back into use to help people in housing need.
  • Increase energy and water efficiency of new and existing homes.
  • Plan infrastructure needs alongside housing developments, and ensure new developments do not increase the flood risk.
  • Extend number and range of people receiving housing-related support.
  • Enable new sites to meet the needs of Gypsies and Travellers.