Public Health

The responsibility for key areas of Public Health moved to the County Council in April 2013. Currently, Public Health is responsible for:

  • Health protection – which includes infectious diseases, immunisation and vaccination, chemicals and poisons, radiation, emergency response, environmental health hazards.
  • Health improvement – which includes tackling health inequalities, monitoring specific risk factors, screening.
  • Health service quality improvement – which includes clinical effectiveness, evidence-based medicine, efficiency, service planning, audit and evaluation.

To prepare for this, East Sussex County Council, the Primary Care Trust and the Public Health team undertook a range of activities including:

  • A stakeholder event in February 2011 to provide an initial opportunity to meet with key stakeholders to get to a shared level of understanding about the new public health agenda and to get their involvement and ownership in its future delivery.
  • A service review undertaken by Solutions for Public Health. As part of the service review, a workshop was held in October 2011. The slides and notes from the workshop are uploaded as useful documents.