The Wealden Local Strategic Partnership brings the public, private, community and voluntary sectors together to work to help improve the lives of the residents of Wealden. The vision for Wealden, based on consultation with local residents, is:

  • A healthy, rich and diverse environment based on sustainable principles for everybody in Wealden.
  • Reduce health inequalities, provide appropriate information and advice and access to health and social care services in order to maximise the potential for good health and well-being.
  • Enough decent, affordable homes to meet the needs of everyone who lives in or needs to live in the District.
  • Access to lifelong learning, education and skills training to allow Wealden residents to fulfil their potential.
  • A broad range of opportunities to improve quality of life, health and well-being, including sport, leisure, recreation and the arts.
  • A prosperous and sustainable local economy that is dynamic, flexible and maintains the environmental qualities of the area.
  • Residents and visitors to Wealden are confident of their safety and free from the fear of crime.
  • Improved accessibility for all and reduce the impact of traffic on people and places.