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Pride of Place

In East Sussex, the six local authorities and six Local Strategic Partnerships have worked together to produce Pride of Place Рthe sustainable community strategy for East Sussex. It sets out a long term vision for improving people’s quality of life and the main things we must do to achieve that vision. Pride of Place focuses on the issues and priorities that local people have told us they are most concerned about:

  • Developing our economy, creating jobs and increasing prosperity.
  • Providing high quality education, learning and skills opportunities.
  • Improving travel choices and access to services.
  • Providing high quality affordable housing.
  • Protecting our natural and built environments and adapting and responding to climate change.
  • Improving health and well-being.
  • Ensuring people and communities are safe and secure.
  • Creating strong communities and community leadership.
  • Enabling people to enjoy culture, sports and leisure.
  • Supporting older people, children, young people and carers.

We also know that, in relation to everything we do, we must reduce inequalities, be sustainable and provide effective services that meet changing needs.