Culture, Sport and Leisure

East Sussex has a rich cultural heritage with numerous cultural and tourist attractions and a variety of opportunities to participate in sports, arts and leisure activities. Culture, sport and leisure play a role in our local economy: our towns provide shops, restaurants, leisure facilities, libraries, museums and cinemas. Culture, sport and leisure are also used as community development and regeneration tools: cultural and sporting events can help bring people together, build self-confidence, counteract obesity and help people to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Our priority is to enable everyone to enjoy a wide range of cultural, sporting and leisure opportunities.

Our key tasks are to:

  • Encourage participation in cultural, sporting and leisure activities amongst people of all ages and tackle the barriers of access and affordability, particularly in areas where active recreation and sports participation is low.
  • Provide life-long learning opportunities in arts, culture and sports.
  • Promote the health and social benefits of an active life.
  • Develop support for cultural, sports and leisure based businesses.
  • Invest in multi-purpose community owned buildings in rural areas.
  • Conserve the natural and built heritage of East Sussex and its use.
  • Promote East Sussex as a place where the arts, culture, sports and play are valued and can be enjoyed.
  • Facilitate sustainable employment opportunities for professional artists, performers, sportspeople and others involved in the creative, sports and leisure industries and promote volunteering in the arts, culture, sports and leisure.