Community Strength and Leadership

Our communities are growing, changing and becoming more culturally diverse at a faster pace than during previous generations. By 2026 the population of East Sussex is predicted to increase by 3%. Our communities need to be able to adapt to social, economic and environmental changes whilst retaining a sense of place and belonging. We need to ensure that people are not excluded from the services and opportunities on offer and that people respect and value each other’s differences. More also needs to be done to develop and support local leadership, and to enable communities to get involved in planning services and making decisions that affect their lives and their neighbourhoods.

Our priority is to build strong, sustainable communities with effective and inclusive participation, representation and leadership.

Our key tasks are to:

  • Plan for and meet the needs of changing and new communities.
  • Promote fair access to inclusive services and assist those on lower incomes to gain better access to financial support and benefits.
  • Tackle social, financial and environmental inequalities.
  • Empower local people of all ages to have a greater voice and influence over local decisions that affect their lives and neighbourhoods.
  • Develop and strengthen the local Voluntary and Community Sector.
  • Promote community ownership or control of buildings, spaces and local community service delivery.
  • Support and encourage volunteering.
  • Encourage greater voter participation in local and national elections.
  • Plan a response in case of emergencies, reducing risk and informing the public.