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Older people

Older people make up a significant percentage of the population of East Sussex, with the number expected to rise by 60% by 2026. There are already a number of specific services to support older people in our communities but we must do more to tackle poverty and encourage the take up of benefits, grants and support services. We want East Sussex to be a county that values the contribution that older people and their carers make to our community and enables people to live healthy and active lives for as long as possible.

Our priority is to support older people and carers to have a healthy, active and independent life.

Our key tasks are to:

  • Develop high quality, modern and efficient health, social care and housing support services.
  • Provide opportunities for continued learning and development in later life.
  • Assist older people and carers to play an active part in community life and have a collective voice.
  • Provide access to activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Assist older people and carers to gain better access to services and transport, and those on lower incomes to gain better access to financial support and benefits.