Healthwatch Annual Report

Celebrating 5 years of Healthwatch East Sussex, the latest Healthwatch Annual Report highlights the depth of work undertaken to ensure that local people are heard and help shape health and social care services in East Sussex. Report highlights include:
•    90 enter and view activities in local health settings
•    Programme of visits to residential care homes
•    Maternity and Accident and Emergency department visits during our Listening Tour in Hastings
•    East Sussex patient engagement on Patient Transport Services

The report can be found here:


Wealden’s Draft Older Persons Housing and Support Strategy

The strategy sets out to ensure that housing and related services meets the needs of current and future housing applicants, council tenants and retirement living leaseholders.
To read and comment on the draft until 9 January 2019 go to:
For more information contact Nicola Levett at

Wealden’s Draft Vulnerable Persons Support Strategy

The strategy sets out to ensure that vulnerable tenants and leaseholders are identified, supported and referred or sign-posted to other agencies as necessary.
To read and comment on the draft until 9 January 2019 go to:
For more information contact Nicola Levett at

A core offer for East Sussex (ESCC)

From support for those who need it most, to services for everyone – like roads and public health – our proposal is for a basic but decent level of service for East Sussex – the least you should reasonably be able to expect, even in this difficult financial climate.

Tell East Sussex County Council what you think
ESCC would like to know your views on the core offer to East Sussex and the public services it would include. The part the County Council can play is likely to reduce over the coming years and it’s important to know how residents of East Sussex see the future.

Take part in Core Offer Survey - closes 26 December 2018

  WHATS ON    

Healthwatch East Sussex - Crowborough and High Weald Listening Tour date announced!

As part of Healthwatch East Sussex 3 year programme of engagement, Healthwatch East Sussex will be bring its' third listening tour to Crowborough and the High Weald from Monday 4th to Friday 15th March 2019.
This is an opportunity for local residents and organisations work with us on an exciting programme of activity, to capture local views and experiences on the health and care services you and your family use. HWES are also interested in the wider determinants of health and wellbeing in the area such as the impact of housing developments, social isolation and the natural environment.


East Sussex Strategic Partnership (ESSP) Meetings

The next East Sussex Strategic Partnership meeting will be held on 15 January 2019, the agenda and papers from previous meetings can be found here:


East Sussex in Figures (ESiF) is the local information system (LIS) for the county.  It’s a website that provides access to essential data, information and analysis.

1,316 new homes were completed in the county in the year to April 2018, 9% fewer than last year.  17% of these were ‘affordable’, and more than half (53%) were on previously developed sites.
The average dwelling costs £274,000 in the county, 17% higher than the national average.  Median house prices rose by 5% in the year to January 2018, and are 1/3 higher than in 2013.
The amount of energy used in the county fell by 0.7% in the year to 2016, and is 11% lower than in 2006.  41% of energy used is domestic.
The number of business enterprises grew by 50, or 0.2%, in the year to 2018.  Numbers are now 11% higher than 10 years ago.
In 2017, there were 181,000 employees in East Sussex, of whom 37.5% were part-time. There was no change in the total number of employees from 2016.

Updated datasets
Housing completions by land type and affordability – New data added for 2017/18

Housing commitment land type and site size –housing planned as at April 2018

Ward level median and lower quartile house prices – updated to Q1 2018

Household estimates and projections – latest ONS trend-based data released for 2016 – 2041

Households on the local authority housing waiting list – 2017 data added

Total energy consumption and Gas and electricity consumption – now with 2016 data

Business data for enterprises and local units – 2018 data added

Employment status, Industry of employment and Employment in the private and public sector – updated with 2017 data

Creative businesses – updated for 2018

Creative employment – updated for 2017

Claimant Count including JSA and Universal Credit – August 2018 data added to all tables

People on Universal Credit (UC)– August 2018 data added

Economically active and inactive population and Unemployment estimates – data added for March 2018

Please contact the Research and Information team if you have any specific data or information enquiries.

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