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How we operate

East Sussex Strategic Partnership (ESSP) is governed by a Constitution and Terms of Reference which set out our main purpose, tasks, structure, decision making processes and membership.

The ESSP meets a number of times a year, and the East Sussex Assembly meets annually.

ESSP is committed to a set of values that informs and guides all our work. These are to:

  • Maintain a focus on the county of East Sussex as a whole and the needs of its citizens.
  • Work positively and collaboratively to improve economic, social and environmental sustainability, thereby improving quality of life.
  • Ensure that all data meets a high standard of data quality and is fit for purpose.
  • Strive to eliminate discrimination, deprivation and to value diversity.
  • Value and respect the contribution of all partners and provide mutual support, irrespective of sector or organisation.
  • Communicate positively the work of the East Sussex Strategic Partnership and its partners.